The 10 Best Loan Companies in Western Cape Region

  • 1 - 83%
    Regional Finance - Mossel Bay

    Bella Casa Building, Ground Floor, 14 Mascodor Street, Voorbaai, Mossel Bay, 6506, Voorbaai. Mossel Bay. Western Cape. 6506 Show phone number

    Do you need a loan of any kind? Regional Finance is proud to be your Hometown Credit Source, and is an independent financial institute. We have built up an...

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  • 2 - 77%
    OneMain Financial - Worcester

    138A Durban Street, Worcester, 6849. Worcester. Western Cape. 6849 Show phone number

    OneMain Financial has been helping people realize their financial goals and dreams. With branches nationwide, we are part of the communities in which we serve....

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  • 3 - 50%
    MattFin Money Matters (Debt Consolidation) - Vredenburg

    Waterfront Terraces Block 1 Carl Cronje Drive. Vredenburg. Western Cape. 7535 Show phone number

    If you're a home owner and you're getting behind with your monthly debt repayments, or you're battling to cover your day-to-day living expenses, Mattfin Money...

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  • 4 - 48%
    Best Home Loans - Cape Town

    14 Arbor Road Newlands. Cape Town. Western Cape. 7700 Show phone number

    Best Home Loans provides tips and information on choosing the best home loan for your specific needs in South Africa. Trying to sort through the application...

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  • 5 - 47%
    Reckless Lending - Cape Town

    15 Riebeek Street Westbank House 1st Floor. Cape Town. Western Cape. 8001 Show phone number

    If you suspect that you have entered into a reckless credit agreement and need someone to fight for your consumer rights, you can contact us...

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  • 6 - 44%
    Prestige Financial Solutions - Cape Town

    14 Kruskal Avenue, 6th floor, Bellville. Cape Town. Western Cape. 7530 Show phone number

    Our trained debt counsellors will help you put together a plan to take back control of your finances so you can live debt free. PRESTIGE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS...

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  • 7 - 44%
    Gateway Loans - Cape Town

    16 Voortrekker Road, Bellville. Cape Town. Western Cape. 7530 Show phone number

    We specialize in loans - Personal Loans Small Loans Cash Loans Car Financing...

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  • 8 - 44%

    36 Main Road, Strand. Cape Town. Western Cape. 7140 Show phone number

    Personal LoansR 500 - R 20 000 with up to 24 months to repay Benefits of a Finbond Micro Loan include:•Safe and Quick•Fixed monthly installments •No security...

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  • 9 - 42%
    SA Finance Corporation - Cape Town

    , Bellville. Cape Town. Western Cape. 7530 Show phone number

    SA Finance Corporation is a dynamic service orientated business. We also make the following up procedure far easier as our clients only need to phone one company...

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  • 10 - 41%
    FastnEasy Loans - Cape Town

    90 Durban Road Boston Bellville, Bellville. Cape Town. Western Cape. 7530 Show phone number

    Our services include. Phones are couriered to your door within 24 hours after approval. Check out our exciting Contract phone deals and use our quick online...

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  • 41%
    PFC Bridging - Cape Town

    141A Millennium Business Park Edison Way Century City. Cape Town. Western Cape. 7441 Show phone number

    PFC Bridging is a private lending institution that specialises in providing short term secured asset-backed finance throughout South Africa to clients....

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  • 40%
    My Payday Loans - Cape Town

    62A Darling Street. Cape Town. Western Cape. 8000 Show phone number

    If you are short of a little money, you can request for a short-term loan from us, My Payday Loans which is a leading financial service provider for all citizens...

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  • 40%
    Real Quick Loans Online - Cape Town

    Lockerby Rd Rondebosch East. Cape Town. Western Cape. 7780 Show phone number

    Other finance options you can apply for include cellphone and tablet PCs on contract with bad credit, car finance from independent finance companies with bad...

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  • 40%
    National Debt Advisors - Cape Town

    Trangle House. Cape Town. Western Cape. 8001 Show phone number

    National Debt Advisors is a ground breaking innovative, reliable and established debt management company who offer Debt Management solutions to its clients,...

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  • 40% - Cape Town

    Woodstock. Cape Town. Western Cape. 7925 Show phone number

    Find easy approval loans and other finance online in South Africa. At we offer personal loans, loans for blacklisted or bad credit, secured...

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  • 39%
    N.C.D.A. National Consumer Debt Assist - Cape Town

    317E Voortrekker Road, Parow. Cape Town. Western Cape. 7460 Show phone number

    At NCDA we strive to provide a solution to your financial needs.Are you struggling financially  Cant make ends meet at month endCreditors harassing youPrevent...

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  • 37%
    PlanDirect - Cape Town

    Direct to all South Africans. Cape Town. Western Cape. 7550 Show phone number

    Plandirect gives you the. online or direct business doesn’t mean you have to settle for less because. product providers and receiving big savings end extra value...

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  • 36%
    Help U Loans - Hermanus

    1 Main Road Nationwide. Hermanus. Western Cape. 7200 Show phone number

    Go ahead,go to the website and see all the options available for people who thought there was no hope for them. No need to share your personal...

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  • 36%
    Callaway Finance - Stellenbosch

    . Stellenbosch. Western Cape. 7600 Show phone number

    Callaway Finance is a bond origination company that can. a unique and personalized service of the highest standard.We have an advanced technology system that...

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  • 36%
    My South Africa Payday - Cape Town

    The Colosseum. Cape Town. Western Cape. 7441 Show phone number

    Payday lending has become very different over the years. If you need funds, but are being turned down by the bigger lenders then talk to us. This lets us grant loans...

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  • 36%
    blitz cash loans - Cape Town

    . Cape Town. Western Cape. 8000 Show phone number

    BLITZ CASH LOANS ANNOUNCEMENT Good Day Sir/Madam: Getting a legitimate loan have always been a huge problem To clients who have financial needs. For further details...

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  • 36%
    SA FAST LOANS - Mossel Bay

    Grunter Rd, Hartenbos. Mossel Bay. Western Cape. 6506 Show phone number

    We give loans to people in need of loans at a very low interest rate

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  • 36%
    Countrywide Group CPT - Cape Town

    . Cape Town. Western Cape. 8000 Show phone number

    Are you also one of the many persons who are blacklisted and not able to make a personal loan?. We can also assist non-blacklisted individuals with loans. We can...

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  • 36%
    123 Loans (Pty) Ltd. t/a ShowTime Finance - Cape Town

    6 Inspan Street, Bellville. Cape Town. Western Cape. 7530 Show phone number

    It is our unique relationship with money lenders and brokers in South Africa and our steadfast compliance with the Consumer Protection Act that help make us one of...

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  • 36%
    LoanFinder SA - Vredenburg

    . Vredenburg. Western Cape. 7540 Show phone number

    Loanfinder SA helps South Africans find personal loans.Our free loanfinding service has a success rate of over 92% and an excellent client service track...

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  • Do you need to borrow money? Find the best personal loan in Western Cape Regionloan

    When you are having financial problems and need money for different payments, you may think of getting a loan. Before applying for a loan, you must think of the actual need of it. Important banks in Western Cape Region are advising to stop getting personal loans with bad credit for unnecesary things.

    It is still possible to get a loan with poor credit though, thanks to the best personal loan companies in Western Cape Region.

    Get to know the likelyhood of getting a loan by looking at your credit score.

    Loan lenders in Western Cape Region will always analize the risk of lending you money. They obviously need to be sure about your capacity to pay it back. For this, they use a credit score. The higher it is, the more likely you are of getting the best loan deals.

    How is your credit score determined?

    • They will check whether you fully paid on time other loans.
    • They will considere you a risky client if you already owe important quantities of money.
    • They will take into account your experience managing debts.
    • They check the kind of credit you already have. For example whether it is a credit card loan or mortage.
    • They will pay attention to how often you’ve been applying for a new loan. If you have applyied too many times in short time, it lows your credit score.

    How to get loans for bad credit in Western Cape Region

    Basically, you need to enhalce your credit score and we’re telling you how.

    • Do not apply for credit to get unnecesary ítems.
    • Obtain one free credit cards report and start paying the ones with the highest balance.
    • Try to pay credit cards and bills on time every month.
    • Study all other alternatives before foreclosure or asking for bankruptcy protection.

    Where to find the best loan companies in Western Cape Region

    In Infoisinfo we know how difficult can be to get loans for bad credit history or an emergency loan. That is why we’ve prepared a list for you with the best loan companies in Western Cape Region. They will help you out and find the best financial solution for you. You will also find phone numbers, adress and reviews from other clients.